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It’s not necessary to tell everyone about your health problems, but you shouldn’t ignore them. Erectile dysfunction is much more common than you may think — over 80% of men older than 40 years have problems with erection. Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem. There is nothing as effective as Cialis to make your sex life without problem. This medication has become #1 Viagra analogue, and by many parameters it is superior to the famous drug. Cialis has a very long and stable effect; it works naturally and doesn’t have much adverse effects. Each year more and more people buy Cialis online to normalize their sex life and enjoy love without problem. Millions of people have already solved their sexual problems thanks to this drug, and we’re happy to offer you Cialis at low price: original and effective.

Cialis overview

Cialis is a PDE5 inhibitor, which main component is Tadalafil. It has almost the same effect on body as Sildenafil, the key ingredient of Viagra, but its half-life is almost four times longer, which has defined the alternative name for Cialis – the weekend pill. This drug inhibits the PDE5 receptor, relaxing the smooth muscle of arteries and increasing the blood flow. Cialis reduces the blood pressure, making penis fill with blood quickly and stably, as it would normally do. Erectile dysfunction disappears for the period of action of the drug. To make your sex life without problem, you only have to buy Cialis — an effective solution to erectile dysfunction and related problems. Among possible side effects of Tadalafil, the most common are headaches, flushing, indigestion and stuffy nose. If you take the medication properly, you are not likely to face any negative consequences of the drug intake. However, it’s useful to consult your doctor before you start the course of Cialis, to minimize the risks of adverse effects and allergies.

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